How to find data usage information in Google 360 for Publishers former DFP

How to extract numbers of 1st party AudienceProject data usage from Google 360 the former DFP? 

How to report on AudienceProject targeting data usage in Ad Manager (ex DFP)

This guide covers how we/customer can understand how many impressions were targeted using AudienceProject segments or key-values.


  1. Create a new report
  2. Choose the desired period, e.g. Last month to get the report for a previous complete month
  3. In filters, sections build filter Key-values contains [ap_]
  4. In Dimensions list choose Key-values
  5. In Metrics choose "Total targeted impressions"
  6. Press Run export.

You can export to Google Sheet if you would like to do deeper analytics. Please keep in mind, that none-AudienceProject key-values can be exported if they have ap_ in key or value, so check the report to ensure you extracted the data you would like.



  1. Create a new report
  2. Choose the desired period, e.g. Last month to get a report for the previous complete month
  3. In Dimensions list choose "Audience segment (billable)" and "Data partner"
  4. In Metrics choose "Ad server impressions"
  5. Press Run export.
  6. You need to do a bit of cleanup before making the final report, therefore need to push data to Google Sheets.
  7. In Sheets you need to build conditions:
  • Audience segment (billable) -> Starts with [AudienceProject]
  • Data partner -> (Blanks)

Sum-up visible rows and you have the final number


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