Setting up Kits is not complex, however, you may want to take the points below into consideration, or consult with the Client Service team before getting started, to ensure you get the right set up from the very start.

If you are experiencing issues with counting page-views, there might be an issue with your set-up. Often you will be able to detect an issue by looking at the “Media” tab in Kits. Here you will get an overview over which media are counting page-views (Active), and which are not counting page-views (inactive). Sometimes, a red triangle will appear next to the media. This will give you an indication of what the issue might be. 

Here are a few recommendations to troubleshoot and make your setup run as smoothly as possible:

Clean setup

This means that, if possible, choose “Simple” when defining your media or section. If setting up a media, simply input the website URL like i.e. “”. If defining a section, and the section is an extension of the media defined by two “/”, like i.e. “”, simply input the extension, which in this case would be “blogs”.  

Conflicting media

If you have conflicting media, you might see a warning sign in the form of a red triangle outside the relevant media. This means that two, or several, of the media on your account refer to the same URL. If this is the case, page-views will not be counted and UserReport surveys will stop running. To avoid this issue, simply ensure that none of your media are overlapping. You might be able to do this by editing the conditions, but otherwise, you will need to move all conflicting sections to the same media.  

SAK Script

If your media or section appears as “inactive” or “partly active” even though your setup seems correct, you will need to make sure that the SAK script is implemented on all sections belonging to the media. Kits will not be able to run if the script is not implemented correctly.

If you have questions or need help to handle this setup, please feel free to reach out to our Client Service teams on


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