How to find segments in Display & Video 360

In Display & Video 360 AudienceData segments can be added to Insert Order or Line Item as targeting criterion. It is not possible to set default segments on Campaign level.
In order to add AudienceData segments to your Insertion Order or Line Item in Display & Video 360, please follow the steps described below:
  1. In Insertion Order details press Add targeting button and choose Audience Lists
  2. In appeared window choose Third party type and type on AudienceProject, you will see all segments produced by AudienceProject
  3. Please bear in mind, that segments are county specific, so you can write see only relevant segment by adding country to search term, like AudienceProject United Kingdom or AudienceProject Denmark
  4. If you know what is the segment you are looking for, add to search term. For instance you want to target users with children in household, then you need to search for AudienceProject United Kingdom Children Yes
  5. When you have found the segment in the audience list, simply tick off the segment you want to add from the list.
The segment is now added to your  insertion order / line item. 
If you have questions in regard to this, please contact your Google account manager or


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How to find segments in BidTheatre