Setting-up video measurement in Google Ad Manager

Ad Manager supports three types of video creatives:

  • Video. Video ads that appear during streaming content in video players or that display outside a video player. 
  • Overlay. Image ads that cover part of video content as it plays. 
  • Redirect. Video or overlay ads that point to a third-party ad server. Requires a VAST tag provided by the advertiser. Learn more

For each of these creative type external tracking pixels can be set-up with help of Third-party tracking URLs setting available in Advanced settings section of Creative details screen.


There are multiple events can be tracked and they vary in different creative types. 

  • Creative view
  • Start
  • First quartile
  • Midpoint
  • Third quartile
  • Complete
  • Click tracking  (only Video and Redirect)
  • Survey
  • Custom click  (only Video and Redirect)
  • Measurable impression  (only Video and Redirect)
  • Viewable impression  (only Video and Redirect)
  • Video abandon  (only Video and Redirect)
  • Fully viewable and audible for 50% duration  (only Video and Redirect)

When setting up campaign In AudienceReport for every trackpoint you can select what events should be reported and it requires to fire appropriate event pixels

Important note: Selecting an event below doesn't mean it is automatically tracked.For each event, you need to implement a corresponding tracking pixel. Learn more about events and their implementation here.


Below you can find table that pairs Ad Manager event with AudienceReport event.

AdManager event 

AudienceReport event

Creative view




First quartile




Third quartile




Click tracking 



Not supported

Custom click 

Not supported

Measurable impression


Viewable impression 


Video abandon

Not supported

Fully viewable and audible for 50% duration

No explicit event, video50pct can be used

So workflow is following:

  1. Agree with advertiser what needs to be measured
  2. In AudienceReport for trackpoint(s) choose agreed event types
  3. Add tracking pixel URLs from AudienceReport to Ad Manager creative. Important. In AudienceReport tracking pixel is displayed with <img tag, you need remove it and keep only impression pixel URL. For instance <img src=""> need to be cut down to when inseting into AdManager

Here is an example how configuration looks in Ad Manager. 


Automation for Ad Manager integration users

If you are using Ad Manager integration then you don't need to setup pixel and event in AudienceReport manually, you just need to setup Third party tracking URLs in Ad Manager on creatives you want to measure. Tracking pixel URLs are macro-based, using Campaign ID and Line Item ID macro, so regardless how they are trafficked they will count towards correct line item. URL structure is following

Where XXXyyy are provided by AudienceProject contact and you need to replace EVENT_TYPE with corresponding event type from table above.

You can find full URLs in Video tracking section of Ad Manager integration Details in AudienceReport interface.

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