Understanding Event Tracking


The event tab will allow you to get an overview of the performance of the different events in your project. I.e. how many that has clicked from after generating an impression.

The Event tab, consist of three elements; Event funnel, Event funnel details and Even timeline.

Event funnel

The event funnel will visualise the events tracked for your project.

The funnel show the tracking for the total project. If you want to see the funnel for selected pixels only, use the filter function on the top of the page (note that it might take approximately 15 sec. before the funnel has been re-calculated).

By clicking on the dropdown in each box, you will be able to customise the funnel, as you wish.

Event funnel details

In the event funnel details, you’ll find information on how the events are tracked for each of your tracking points. In this example the events; impressions, in-view and clicks has been tracked. From the “rate” it is further evident how big a share, has continued to the the “next event”. In this example, for newsletter 4, 50% of the ones that has generated an impression has further clicked.

Event timeline

The event timeline will show how the tracking of each event has developed during your report period. In the upper right corner, you’ll be able to select for which events you want to see the development. Be aware that the graph has two y-axes, one for each event. In this case the unit for impressions is on the right y-axis, while the unit for clicks is on the right y-axis.

Event profiling

To see the specific profile for the events, scroll to the bottom of the events tab. Depending on which segments you selected for your campaign you can see demographics or custom segments profiling.

In the demographic section, you can see you can see how the events(i.e. clicks) are divided by age, gender, education, employment, income, household size and whether there are children in the household. 

If the profile for a particular event is not showing, it can simply mean that the sample size is too small at the moment. When the sample size gets bigger, the demographic profile for specific events will start to show. 

In the custom segments section, you can see how the events are divided by ownership, purchasing intent and so on. Notice that to see this you need to have logged an extensive amount of data in your event funnel.

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