Custom Segments 3.0

What are Custom Segments?

Custom segments are a way to include additional profile dimensions when tracking campaign traffic in AudienceReport. They can be used to profile the traffic exposed to a campaign along arbitrary dimensions, as well as validate and compare the ability of different publishers, networks or technology providers to target groups of users matching non-standard criteria. While AudienceReport provides you what age, income and education your traffic has, custom segments go beyond these standard demographics and can provide additional information. Examples of this can be ownership and purchase intent segments that can give information about who among the target owns a car or who is planning to buy a new mobile. 

These custom segments can be added to the target group when you are creating a campaign. On AudienceReport you can add a wide range of segments already made available and at your disposal or you can have your own self-defined custom segments uploaded. In the section called "Available Segments," you will find more comprehensive information about all the different segments available on AudienceReport.

What can Custom Segments be used for?

This feature gives you the chance to make the best use out of the pre-existing knowledge you have of your target and validate campaigns against very specific target groups with relevance to the products being advertised.

By adding custom segments to campaigns, advertisers are provided with insights into how well the campaigns perform in regards to very specific target groups related to their product or service. Publishers, on the other hand, can add custom segments to campaigns to ensure their advertisers that they reach their desired target groups. This way, publishers have the opportunity to document the quality of the media used.

What are Custom Segments based on?

Custom segments are based on unverified 3rd party data that is collected, uploaded and labelled as custom segments. Such data can derive from UserReport surveys or from proprietary company data gathered through CRM systems. 











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