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Watch the Tutorial Video - How to export data to Techedge here.

With the AudienceReport and AdvantEdge Cross Media integration, you will be able to see your AudienceReport data in AdvantEdge Cross Media.

With the latest version of the integration, you will be able to send your AudienceReport campaign data to AdvantEdge multiple times and with different report periods. Also, you will be able to check the status of the syncing of data between AudienceReport and TechEdge.

If you are interested in using the TechEdge integration please contact and they can help set it up.

Once the integration is set up by your account manager, you can set up your export.

Setting up your export

To set up an export of your campaign to TechEdge, first, navigate to the report you want to send to Techedge and click the 'Edit report' button in the upper right corner. From here select the tab ‘Techedge’ in the menu:

Then click ‘Create snapshot’. A wizard will appear, and guide you through the snapshot setup:

  • Techedge accounts: this is the account for which a snapshot will be pushed.
  • Web TV campaign name: the name of your snapshot. This will be the name that is displayed in TechEdge when you need to find your export in AxM. If you are creating multiple snapshots for your campaign, you need to name your snapshots with unique names to avoid double-counting in AxM.
  • Advertiser name, Brand, and Purchased audiences: optional fields. If you want this information populated in TechEdge, please fill this in. 
  • Included items: you can export all items from your campaign, or select specific ones. If you want to only include selected ones click on the dropdown and select your items from the list.
  • Base reach on: you can base the reach of your report on impressions (default) or manually selected event types.
  • Data period: you can select the report period or a custom period for your Techedge report. We strongly recommend that you always select the entire campaign period. Notice that campaigns without a set report period (which do not have a start and end date set) are not allowed in TechEdge. So, even if a campaign has no reporting period, you will need to set a start and end date here before sending it to TechEdge. When you are done, click on “Create” and your snapshot will be sent to TechEdge.

Finally, click ‘Create’. Your snapshot has now successfully been created. 

You can always find an overview of your snapshots from the TechEdge tab in your report. For each snapshot, you will have a detailed line, outlining what you have exported. 

From the overview you will have the following information:

  • Film code: this is the film code ID in Techedge. Using this will make it easier for you to identify the exact export in AxM.
  • Status: showing the status of the sync. In other words, if the export has been sent to TechEdge or not. If the status is ‘Uploaded’ you will be able to see the export in TechEdge. If the status is 'Scheduled', you'll see the export in TE soon (this day or on the next one). We send exports to TechEdge once per day.
  • Items: shows how many items you have selected for your export. From the dropdown, you can see which exact items you have included. 
  • Period: which export period is selected for the campaign 
  • Base reach on: shows which metric is used to measure reach.
  • Advertiser: the name of the advertiser related to the report.

Things to keep in mind when working with snapshots

  • Data is exported one time a day. This means that from creating your snapshot it can take up to 24 hours for your data to appear in AxM. 
  • If you are creating multiple snapshots, make sure to name your exports uniquely. Also, when selecting your exports in AxM, ensure to include only one export at a time. 
  • Always select the entire period of your campaign to ensure that all campaign data is exported. Campaigns without a time frame are not allowed.
  • The granularity level of your data output in AxM will depend on when you are setting up the snapshot. Generally speaking, if you set up your export before your campaign starts you will be able to break data down on a daily level while creating the snapshot after the campaign will result in data on a weekly level in AxM.

If you have questions regarding TechEdge (AxM), feel free to reach out to us at

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