Checking SSL-Compliance

If you experience any problems with your tracking point it may be due to the fact that our system is SSL-compliant. This makes our system create the tracking point codes as ‘https’ links rather than ‘http’ links. To resolve this problem simply change the code to ‘http’, so it becomes unsecured in case this is what your system requires.

Difference between 'http' and 'https':

The protocol determines how your web browser should communicate with the web server when fetching a web page. The most common used protocol is http which stands for 'HyperText Transfer Protocol' - http://

If we want an encrypted connection we use 'HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure' - in other words https:// (notice the additional 's' added to the http).

Our experience is that the majority of you need tracking pixels that are SSL-secure, which is why we change them in advance.

Regarding the publishers that use regular http, the https pixels are able to run perfectly on those sites as well.  



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