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NOTE: This article refers to integrating AudienceReprt with DV360 for non YouTube measurement. If you would like to measure YouTube using DV360, please refer to these instructions

To integrate with DV360 and AudienceReport, you need to follow these simple instructions. Navigate to the upper right corner and click on “my profile”, then click ‘Integrations’.

Select ‘DV 360’: 

Click ‘Get started’:

On the next step you’ll see an email of a system user that you’ll need to invite to your DV360 account with s ‘Standard’ role:

After you invite the system user click ‘Connect’. If everything is setup properly you’ll see a success screen: 

The contents of the next screen depend on whether you are working inside an agency or a client account.

For agency accounts you will see all the DV360 accounts that you made available to the system user and you have the ability to map them to the client accounts you have linked to your agency.

For client accounts you will see all DV360 accounts that you made available for the system user. Turn the switches on for all accounts you want to integrate with.

On the Options screen you’ll have the possibility to select if you want to measure campaigns automatically or manually.

If you select All campaigns, that AudienceReport will identify all Active and Future Line items and add tracking codes to all creatives assigned to these line items. 

If you want to measure only selected Insertion Orders, you need to add [AudienceReport=On] text to Notes of Insertion Orders you want to measure.

Finally, on the ‘Review and enable’ screen you can check settings for the DV360 integration:

If everything looks good click the ‘Enable’ button.

The first synchronization cycle will happen right after integration is enabled, further synchronizations will happen hourly.

If you want to measure additional advertisers, you can edit the created integration. If you want to measure another DV360 advertiser with different settings (e.g. selected Insertion Orders), you can create another integration instance.

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