If you accidentally delete pixels from your project

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If you by accident have deleted pixels from your project, don’t worry! It is easy to add the tracking pixels to your project again. 

Simply, enter your account and choose the concerned project from the project overview. Press ‘Action’ followed by ‘Edit’.

Before you can add the lost tracking pixel you need its t-code. The t-code is found in the end of the tracking pixel created in AudienceReport. The tracking pixel will look something like this:


The t-code will be the part after, “t=”. Hence, in this case the t-code will be XXXX123456

If you need further information on t-codes, click here. 

When you possess the t-code open the "Add tracking points" window by clicking the green ‘+’ button.

Enter the t-code in the bar and press enter. Finally, click ”Add to project”.

The tracking point is now added to the project again. Remember to press ”Save” before you exit the project. 

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