The Customer Personas feature

The profile, satisfaction, NPS and Questions reports all come with the option to look at your results filtered by different customer personas. 

In order to have an overview of the personas in your report and to create new ones, click on your profile on the top right corner and then on “Manage personas”.


From there you will be able to choose if you wish to see all personas, your favorite ones, the ones you have created (“my personas”) or the standard ones.


Mark your favourite personas

In order to make a persona a “favorite” one, you just need to click on the tiny heart on the top right of the customer persona, once the heart turn violet, that means the persona is now among your favorites.


Look at your reports and edit your personas

If you wish you can click on “Reports” on any of the personas, and open a profile, NPS, satisfaction or questions report focused on that persona only.


You can also click on “Edit” to edit the personas. Please notice that you can edit only your own personas while this is not possible for the standard ones.

Create your own personas

In order to create a new persona, click on “+ Add” button on the top right corner.


Now you can name your customer persona, add a description if you like and select all the questions and answers that characterize that persona. You will see that in the section “Answers that characterise this persona” you can find all the questions of your survey. If you already know which answers you are looking for, we suggest using the search feature.

For example, let’s say we want to create the persona called “The Sportsman”, and we want this person to be a male and to practise sports at least once a week.

We will first of all select the question “Are you a male or female” and will then tick the answer “Male”.


Then we will look for the question “How often do you practice sports?” and select “More than twice every week” and “Once every week” as answers. We can now click on “Create”.


 If you wish, you can also add an avatar to your customer personas, to better distinguish them. For example, for the "sportsman" you may want to add a football player.  Click on the question mark next to your customer personas and from there you will be able to upload a picture.



Then click on "Save"


Again, remember to click on "Create" when you're done building your customer persona.

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