Integrate with Google Ads for Youtube measurement

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AudienceReport Next integration with Google Ads allows you to measure Google Ads campaigns with ease. The integration makes all your Google Ads campaigns available in AudienceReport as items, where you can choose which ones to measure. 

First, navigate to the upper right corner of your screen, click on your initials, and select “Integrations”. Then click on '+Add new' and select YouTube (Google Ads) integration. After that, you will be guided through the integration flow.

Please note that if there is already existing YouTube (Google Ads) integration in the list of integrations you can continue using it

Integrating to Google Ads in AudienceReport

When connecting AudienceReport to your Google Ads, you should add the accounts you want to measure with the appropriate clients. For this, click on “Add accounts” and insert the Google Ads account ID of the client you want to measure. Then, select the appropriate client account from the drop-down list to tie the Google Ads account to the AudienceReport client account and click on 'Add accounts'

Note that once you have added your Google Ads account ID to AudienceReport, a linkage request will be sent to you in Google Ads. This is done by our customer support team, therefore it might take a while before you receive it. Then your Google Ads account admin(s) need to approve the linkage request. Once done, within an hour the integration will transition to the active state

You can also check the status of the linkage under “Status”. There are 4 possible possibilities: 

  • Connected - the account is successfully connected
  • Awaiting AudienceProject - we have to send a request to your GoogleAds account
  • Awaiting your action - you have to accept the link in your GoogleAds account
  • Broken - the connection is broken for some reason

Remember that you should have accepted the incoming connection request from AudienceProject in your Google Ads account.

If the status of your connection is broken, make sure that AudienceProject has the required access to your Google account. Otherwise, you can always reach out to our support team through

Finally, confirm your selection of accounts and clients and finish the integration process. 

Please remember that we can only fetch data from YouTube once per 24h, so it might take some time until you start seeing your campaigns’ results / new campaigns on AudienceReport.

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