Look at your results in the Reports section

Select your media and compare reports overtime

In the reports section, you will be able to look at the results you collected with your UserReport survey.

Keep in mind that all reports can be filtered, so that if you are running the survey widget on multiple websites, you will be able to visualize results for each media separately. In order to do this you will need to click on “all media” on the top left corner and then select the websites you wish. Remember to click “Apply” once you are done choosing.


In all reports’ section, you will find the comparison of the responses you have collected with a previous period.

You can set the reporting period as you wish, by clicking on the calendar icon on the top right corner.


Please notice that the comparison with the previous period is always based on the span of period you choose.

In the above example, the period is set to “Last 30 days”. This means that the overall satisfaction increased when compared to the month before.

The Dashboard report

The dashboard report in the UserReport admin interface is where you get a quick overview of the performance of your website. 


The dashboard also shows you the overall satisfaction score, number of new ideas and the basic gender distribution of people visiting your website in the selected date range. It will provide you with a basic overview of your latest numbers. For more detailed information, click any of the "view report" links.

The "survey" chart shows how many of your website visitors that completed the survey on any given day. The total number of completed interviews for the selected period of time is displayed on the right and the exact number of daily completes can be seen by hovering the mouse over any date in the chart.

Please notice that the dashboard reflects the activity over the past month unless you choose another time period using the date range selector.

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