General Information

Reach and Coverage of Custom Segments

One thing that is especially important to notice when adding custom segments and not just demographics to your kits is that reach will be reported as coverage. The reason for this is that the data re…


Target Audience verified by Kits

Target Audience verified by Kits. Kits verify reach, affinity, demographics, and page views on any combination of sites or sections in real time and against real people. The demographics covered by K…


The technology behind Kits

The validation of audiences in Kits is based on cross-device measurements and weighed against a panel of 840.000 panellists in the Nordics created from first party interaction surveys assuring that t…


What are Kits?

Kits are a reliable report tool to document your ability to reach specific target groups with your media. By placing a SAK script from AudienceProject points on your website, you will enable Kits to…