Data Introduction

Available Segments

It's possible to combine segments, and the segment breakdown is as follows: Further we are able to provide you with affinity segments. You can learn more about affinity segments, and the availability…


Existing integrations

You can access AudienceProject's AudienceData through the platforms listed below. If you want to access data through other platforms please reach out for us here


Methodology and precision

The segment data is probabilistic derived profiles based 100% on behavioral data-algorithms, delivering a very high degree of precision The precision on the algorithms is constantly validated up agai…


The distinction between campaign impression profile and impressions in target group

When using data, and comparing the results of the measurements in AudienceReport it is important to distinguish between the impression profile of the campaign and the number of impressions in target…


What is deterministic data?

Deterministic data: Information about people that is known for sure. Deterministic data consists of digital facts about people that we trust are 100% true. Crucially, these facts will never change an…


What is probabilistic data?

Probabilistic data: Information about people derived from mathematical models. Probabilistic audience data is usually based on behavioural data like web-logs that are aggregated and analysed in order…