Best Practices

Do's and dont's when using AudienceData

Place you on top of the media plans without compromising volume Set realistic targets for the campaign. Use the forecasting function in your ad server. Never apply narrow segments unless the clients…


How to document the accuracy?

Document your audiences on website in terms of socio demographics, interest, reach and affinity by site. Campaign centric reporting of reach, affinity, quality, traffic. +100.000 campaigns have been…


Why introduce segments with different affinities?

Advertising is in essence, reaching an audience with a pervasive message in order to achieve certain goals. A traditional planning process carefully defines a target audience, analyse their online be…


​Using targeting with the right conditioning

When using AudienceData segments it is important to use the right conditioning in your DSP. If you want to combine different segments, the right conditioning will be crucial to the effectiveness of y…