Setting up Pixels

How to setup measurement in Adform buy-side (Adform flow)

Adform Flow (demand side platform/DSP and ad server): is a product where you can buy impressions (link). There are different ad servers for publishers and advertisers. You can set-up measurement in A…

Corina Alonso
Updated 4 months ago by Corina Alonso

Implementing pixels in Campaign Manager

First, you need to create an Item you want to measure in the AudienceReport interface and export the tags. Read more about how to create items here. Choose Campaign Manager as your ad-server in the l…

Mathias Freudendahl
Updated 4 months ago by Mathias Freudendahl

Implementing pixels in Display & Video 360

Implementing AudienceReport pixels in DV360 needs to be done for each individual creative. We strongly recommend using our integrations, as they facilitate this process. However, if you prefer to imp…

Corina Alonso
Updated 6 months ago by Corina Alonso

The GDPR parameters

When doing pixel-based measurement, you should consider adding the GDPR query parameters to the pixel. The GDPR parameters are a part of the TCF framework. They are used for relaying the user’s conse…

Corina Alonso
Updated 6 months ago by Corina Alonso