Brand Lift Video Studies

How Brand Lift studies identify exposed and not exposed users

Once you have created a study, you need to implement the two tracking pixels to the ad campaign you want to measure. You can see below how they look:. Exposed group (Test group) - users who were expo…


How does the in-video survey work?

The Brand Lift in-video survey is a linear VPAID creative shipped to the player through a VAST tag, that you can find in the “Launch” section of the interface. Most video-players support VAST and VPA…


How to read a Brand Lift report

After your study has been running for a while and you have collected at least 50 results, you can access the Report section of your study and see how it is performing. On the top of the section, you…


Setting up your first brand lift study

The Setup. Login into the Studies interface and click on the “+New ” blue button in the top right corner. Then choose to create a video survey and you will be redirected to the Setup section. Here yo…