Is my cache-buster working?

In AudienceReport you are able to see if your cache-buster is implemented correctly and if it is working. Go to your project, and select the tab “Delivery”. On the top of the page, you can select the…


What is a cache-buster?

What is a cache-buster?. A cache-buster is a small URL-parameter that should always be added to the tracking pixel URL. If the cache-buster is not added, the browser will re-use previously recognized…


Which cache buster shall I use for my ad server?

When you want to add a cache buster to your tracking pixel, you need to use a cache buster that is compatible with your ad server. Below is a quick overview of how cache busters look and are implemen…


Why do we need a cache-buster?

Before reading this, you may like to read our article " What is a cache-buster " When a browser loads a web page, the publisher’s web server will send an HTML file with instructions on where to retri…