How to access data AudienceData segments in Adform

You can easily access AudienceData segments in Adform, and improve your targeting. Just follow the steps below. First, click on the campaign for which you want to add a segment. You are now able to e…


How to find AudienceData in MediaMath DMP

In your Mediamath DMP, you will be able to find AudienceData as branded data under Adform. Under the Targeting tab, select Audience and find Adform. Then select Branded Data and choose AudienceProjec…


How to find segments in BidTheatre

AudienceData can easily be added to you campaigns in Bidtheatre. Go to the campaign tab, and select "Geo- and Data targeting". From the dropdown, select the campaign for which you want to use Audienc…


How to find segments in Display & Video 360

In Display & Video 360 AudienceData segments can be added to Insert Order or Line Item as targeting criterion. It is not possible to set default segments on Campaign level... In order to add Audience…