Adform integration set-up

The activation of the Adform integration with your AudienceReport Account is fast and easy. Start by logging into the AudienceReport account you will want to connect. Press your name/initials in the…


Automatic tracking of DFP campaigns

What the integration does. The new integration between AudienceReport and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) makes it possible for publishers to automatically track their DFP campaigns in AudienceRepor…


Google Campaign Manager Integration

Google Campaign Manager integration allows you to validate all campaigns you create in Campaign Manager with AudienceReport. In order to connect the system, the integration will be tied to your Googl…


Integrate AudienceReport and Techedge AxM (AdvantEdge Cross Media)

With the AudienceReport and AdvantEdge Cross Media integration, you will be able to see your AudienceReport data in AdvantEdge Cross Media. With the latest version of the integration, you will be abl…