Beta expectations and limitations

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Numbers are not final

We are fine-tuning our reporting model and engine. We will update the numbers before the final release. We don’t expect drastic changes to numbers.

There is a known small discrepancy in the number of delivered impressions. This will be fixed during the Beta phase.

Please let us know if the numbers you see do not match your expectations.

It takes hours to calculate reports

The calculation may take a few hours. The bigger the reporting period and the number of delivered impressions, the longer it takes to calculate.

Reports may fail to calculate

Sometimes, reports fail or return zeros. We monitor such instances. You don’t have to send us bug reports.

Reports are not updated when new data is added

Please use the reporting period in the past. This limitation will be removed soon.

Impressions are not displayed in the Analytics and Items overview

We show 0 impressions on the Items overview and in the Analytics tab. It does not affect the numbers you see in a report.

Integration ingests only Active (based on delivery) Orders and Line items

Assuming you added Amazon Advertiser to the integration after your Order or Line item is finished, Items will not appear even if measured with Amazon pixel.

We can process these items and import them manually. Please send us an Amazon Advertiser ID and the Order / Line item ID you need to process.

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